We are a petite design studio constructing brand identities for creative businesses that seek well-balanced lives.

While we are run by one, we collaborate with outside designers, copywriters, website developers, photographers, etc. to ensure you have access to a custom team for your specific needs. 

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a state of balance between opposing forces or actions

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our values


Balance is the driving force behind EQBM. Beautiful design can’t exist without intentional strategy. Elevated branding can’t exist without investment. Communication can’t exist without understanding. One idea requires the other in order to achieve an equilibrium.


We believe in the power of kindness - that one kind act, as simple as a friendly smile, can make a world of difference in someone's life. A portion of our sales is donated to philanthropic organizations.


We strive for a high standard not only in the design solutions we provide, but in the way we conduct ourselves. We ensure that every piece of design that leaves our door is one of a kind, so you leave a lasting impression on your audience.


We have a zeal for living and love what we do. Our entire process, from the moment we meet to final send off, is designed to get you excited about discovering your brand's story and sharing it with the world.

our values


Hannah Hernandez 

Growing up, I knew I wanted an unconventional job. I found myself searching for something that wouldn’t put me in a cubicle working a typical 9-5, bouncing career ideas from egyptologist to professional dancer to film maker to engineer and eventually to creative advertiser.

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Hannah Hernandez, creative director of E

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, my job plans took a change. I began doing more freelance work while assisting my family’s business.

It was then when I discovered true happiness in working for myself.

I founded EQBM to help others enjoy a well-balanced life. By utilizing over 6 years of experience in the small business world, my education in advertising and my love for all things creative, I promise to help you strive towards a state of equilibrium - an equal balance of working to attain your business goals and live according to your definition of success.

Hannah Hernandez


Leave lasting Impressions 

How would people describe your business? Boring? Dull? Lifeless? Led by strategy, our services help you speak your truth, build deep connections with your audience and increase your brand recognition. 

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What's your story? 

We’d love to learn more about you, your business and how we can help you.